We love the fact that more and more people are discovering the joys of well-made, flavourful craft beer – but also we appreciate that for newcomers to the beery scene, initially it can seem a little daunting, or even totally baffling. Our epic bar crews are primed and ready to dispense advice, tasters or suggestions to anyone who asks. But for those who want to go a bit deeper and fully explore the wonders of the beer-based age, then we urge you to stay in school.

We offer beer schools adjusted to your preferences, whether it be going through the brewing processes and the different ingredients, the principles of beer tasting, beer and food pairing, hop analysis, the history of different beer styles, sensory analysis, off-flavour detection, extra emphasis on different beer styles like barrel-aged beers and sours, the history and use of American hops, Belgian beers, and more.
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Our cellar is avaliable for reservation for larger groups. Projector and other equipment is available upon request.

Contact us on post@bd57.no for reservations or further information.